Wright Hassall recognised for its strategic growth plan

Award won: Regional Law Firm of the Year, 2017

About Wright Hassall

Wright Hassall is one of the largest law firms in the Midlands. As a multi-disciplinary practice with 286 employees, Wright Hassall represents businesses and individuals locally, regionally and nationally across a diverse range of sectors (agriculture, charities, housing, advanced manufacturing, financial services and technology to name but a few). The firm’s success is as a result of a collaborative and inclusive culture and a robust vision that places staff and clients at the very heart of its business.


An ambitious regional law firm that keep its values front of mind

Wright Hassall is not resting on its success of the previous 170 years. Its heritage may have shaped the practice we see today but, as it looks to the future, the firm continue to stay fresh and exciting by coming up with innovative, creative ways to work with client. 

Clients buying legal services are looking for solutions to problems and want their lawyers to mirror the way they work, not the other way around. Wright Hassall is breaking the mould by thinking differently about how it can deliver client services -  with each team member asking, ‘what does ‘great’ look like from the client’s perspective? Where can we add value?’ 

This client-centric approach sits at the heart of the firm’s value and is built into the cultural fabric of the organisation. The firm’s distinctive culture is what makes this Midlands firm a great working environment that is able to retain good staff to serve clients. It encapsulated its core values into the FAIR principles: flexible, ambitious, inclusive and respectful. These principles drive the way Wright Hassall works; from the working environment, it creates to the way the team deals with opportunities and challenges presented by clients.


Why did they win?

Wright Hassall launched its strategic growth plan in 2015 with an objective to double the turnover of the firm by 2018. Judges were impressed by Wright Hassall’s approach to putting the customer at the heart of everything it does and the scale at which the business grew as a result. 

Led by managing partner, Sarah Perry, the firm’s ambitious goals were made possible by its client-centric approach to deliver the right level of service at the right price to every client, every time. The firm has an active client relationship management programme which manages its strategic client relationships. This led to a 1,113 per cent increase in fees from one client after an effective client listening exercise and, for another, an increase from one to five in the number of services provided by Wright Hassall, resulting in a 109 per cent fee increase. Account managed clients achieved a 17 per cent increase in turnover in 2016, outperforming the firm’s annual turnover increase.


The award win aftermath

Winning The Lawyer’s Regional Law Firm of the Year boosted staff morale as it was testament to the hard work and commitment from all its employees. More measurably, Wright Hassall also received excellent feedback from potential employees, attracted to the firm by its reputation and ambition which, they saw, was encapsulated in the winning of the award. 

The awards has already opened doors, not just to prospective clients but also other professionals who refer work to the firm. 

Winning the award has also helped to raise the profile of managing partner, Sarah Perry, (and, by association, the firm), gaining attention from a wider audience.


Advice to those thinking of applying for the 2018 Regional Law Firm of the Year category from Sarah Perry, Managing Partner at Wright Hassall 

“Have one clear idea that gives you a competitive advantage. I think lots of law firms are moving away from the traditional ways of doing business, acknowledging that many clients see law firms simply as another service provider and not ‘special’ in any way (except when the ‘special’ status is earned when dealing with really complex legal work).”